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Superpositivity Talks is an inspirational-talks platform created by Vickrant Mahajan, the author of Superpositivity, and promoted by Superpositivity Movement. After motivating a cross-section of people globally, from Olympic medallists and world champions to homemakers and students, Vickrant realised that almost every human being has performed an inspirational act and transcended a daunting limitation at least at some point in their lives. Most people performed that feat unconsciously and thus took it in a casual stride while others who did it consciously did not have a platform to share the deed with the world inspirationally. Besides, in their head — and in the perception of the world in general — inspiration is the exclusive domain of uber-achievers: Olympians, pole-trekkers, billionaires, mountain climbers, and so on.

Superpositivity Talks intends to transform that perception by creating a platform where everyone is welcome — and encouraged — to share their personal triumph-over-trials story. This is a platform not just for “celebrities” but for anyone who celebrates the festival of life.

Superpositivity Talks were launched in Jammu, India, on 20 July 2020 to commemorate the eighth anniversary of the release of Vickrant’s debut Bollywood film Challo Driver, which was one of the biggest box-office failures of all time. He says, “In the aftermath of that film, i went through every crisis imaginable, on the personal and professional front, for many years. But i eventually turned it around and went on to mentor some of the topmost athletes in the world. Through Superpositivity Talks, i intend to inspire others to realise that it is never a challenge but the way we overcome it that determines the journey of our life.”

At Superpositivity Talks, speakers come from all walks of life. They can be students, teachers, scientists, actors, homemakers, athletes, plumbers, shopkeepers, domestic help, administrators, industrialists — or in other words, ANYONE. Every Superpositivity Talk reflects a speaker’s attitude of superpositivity through a crisis or challenge — thus creating an inspiring template of inner strength that anyone could relate to or emulate.

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Every Superpositivity Talk has to be in firm compliance with the Superpositivity Talks Charter and Superpositivity Talks Format (which would be provided upon applying for the licence). But, broadly, there are 10 main guidelines that must be observed during every Superpositivity Talks event.


The common topic in all Superpositivity Talks is: How i or we overcame a challenge superpositively. The challenge could be anything: physical, mental or emotional condition, pursuit of a goal, financial loss, heartbreak, failure, humiliation, fear, a negative habit or one’s life in general. Every Superpositivity Talk essentially covers three elements: what was the challenge, how did the speaker overcome it and what is their message to the world.



Every Superpositivity Talk is for a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes. All speakers have to complete their talk within the 10-minute timeframe.

The story has to be personal to the speaker rather than something that happened to any other person, whether living or departed. Every Superpositivity Talk has to specifically showcase how the speaker dealt with a personal calamity, hardship or challenge. The story has to be true and factual, rather than mythical or fabricated.


A Superpositivity Talk should not contain any religious, political or divisive content or anything that offends or shows any insensitivity to any gender, race, colour, life form, nation or community.


There must not be any negative rhetoric or behaviour of any kind during any Superpositivity Talk. A Superpositivity Talks Speaker must not display any bitterness or negativity in their performance. They must never complain or criticise or speak ill of any entity (whether an individual or institution) during a Superpositivity Talk. In fact, the only requisite for being a Superpositivity Talks speaker is a demonstration of an inexhaustible enthusiasm for life and an unceasing emphasis on hope, regardless of the enormity of the challenge one has faced.


Superpositivity Movement doesn't monetise any Superpositivity Talk on any platform. Consequently, a speaker is never paid any fee for a Superpositivity Talk, neither is the audience (whether live or virtual) charged any fee. Delivering a Superpositivity Talk must be seen as a social service, and the only reason a speaker should perform it is to willingly inspire others and contribute to the elevation of human consciousness.  


A Superpositivity Talk can be performed by anyone in any language, and the event can be hosted by anyone, anywhere in the world, so long as they use the platform for humanitarian purpose only and they fully honour the Superpositivity Talks Charter and Superpositivity Talks Format.


To ensure an impartial and equitable platform, speakers at every Superpositivity Talks event deliver their talks in the ascending order of their names, rather than being given any preferential treatment, based on their credentials.


An equal number of female and male speakers should perform at every event (the only exception to this rule being a women-only or men-only institution hosting a private event).


Every Superpositivity Talks event should have a minimum of 2 speakers but there isn’t any limit on the maximum number of speakers.

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Superpositivity Talks is a platform where every human being is welcome to share their personal triumph-over-trials story, if they choose to. Everyone is invited to feature as a speaker at our live Superpositivity Talks events or to share their videos with us in which they talk about any challenge that they have superpositively overcome in their life. Alternatively, you might want to organise and host a Superpositivity Talks event.

To be either a Superpositivity Talks speaker or organiser, one has to obtain a licence (which is free and is valid for perpetuity) from Superpositivity Movement and one has to fully comply with the Superpositivity Talks Charter and Superpositivity Talks Format. If you’re interested, kindly fill up the form below and we’d mail you the requisite details. For any other communication, superpositively connect with us at

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